Our new book “Quantitative Transfer Pricing” has been published by Wiley and combines tax analysis and economic concepts.

QUANTUM is an expert for quantitative transfer pricing solutions.

QUANTUM follows a holistic advisory approach to transfer pricing and offers a full range of transfer pricing solutions ranging from the implementation of new transfer pricing structures to the defense of transfer prices in tax audits.

Taxes are a very sensitve topic in multionational firms. We are aware of the sensitivity and the trust multinational firms have in their tax advisors, and we treat the leap of faith responsibly.

“Understanding value creation, designing transfer prices, managing compliance” summarizes the triad of efficient and solid transfer pricing.

The implementation of the OECD/G20 recommendations to avoid base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) in the national tax laws is increasingly changing the long-standing transfer pricing practice.

Stay in the driver’s seat! Steering through uncertain “post BEPS times” requires a proactive controlling of transfer pricing structures to comply with the arm’s length principle and reduce the own risk positions.

The implementation of tax compliance management systems is a hot topic in multinational firms since several years. The definition and implementation of binding processes and systems aim at ensuring tax compliance and achieving legal protection for the responsible persons.

Your firm is awaiting a tax audit on transfer pricing or a tax audit requests transfer pricing documentation and supplementary information and data.

Is your multinational firm burdened with a tax audit adjustment and as a consequence is taxed twice for one and the same profit?